Have a question about Jolly Gear? Maybe we can help answer it here!

  • Will you be restocking any of your past prints? (Wicked Weeds, Trail Magic, Casa de Luna...) - At this time, no we will not. We only order a select number of each print and once they are sold out they are gone forever. If you see a print you like, grab it! Because they don't last forever. Plus how cool will it be when you wear a 2022 print on a thru hike in 2024 and no one else has it!
  • When will my size be back in stock? - Building on the above question, if your size is sold out in a print you like it likely will not be coming back in stock. The only shirts we are restocking are our Evergreen shirts.
  • Should I size up or down? - For men we recommend sizing down and for women sizing up.
  • How do I make a Return or Exchange? - Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges page.
  • When will new colors/patterns be arriving? - We have new colors and patterns releasing all the time! To be the first to know follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our Newsletter.
  • Where is my order? - If your order says delivered but is not in your mailbox please give it 24 hours before contacting us. This is a common USPS problem and is often delivered the next day. If your item still hasn't shown up please call your local post office. Still cant find it? Please send us an email at hello@jollygear.com and we will gladly help you! 
  • I'm in between sizes. What should I do? - The best option is to order both sizes and then request a free return label for the item that doesn't fit. This helps both us and you! You save on the time it takes to ship an exchange and you help us by only shipping twice instead of three times. Plus less shipping means less emissions. Win win win!🏆 
  • How much is shipping? - Almost all of our items ship free! If you need an item quicker we do offer a paid priority shipping option at checkout with the best price possible. You pay exactly what the label costs us. No extra fees. Just fast shipping.
  • Do you offer free returns? - We do! There is no shipping penalty fee when trying Jolly Gear and needing to return it.
  • What phone case are you using in the YouTube video? - I get this question a surprising amount! It is a Defender case and belt clip by Otter Box. I clip the belt clip right to the daisy chain on my shoulder strap.