Firewhirl and Green Topo Shirts FAQs

Due to a manufacturer mistake, the topo lines on Firewhirl and Green Topo shirts are rubbing off.

  • How fast will the design fade away? - A thru hiker wearing a backpack will notice fading in about 1-2 weeks where their backpack touches the shirt and rubs. Someone wearing the shirt off trail and at home might notice some fading around the armpits after 2-3 months.
  • Does this affect the function of the shirt? - No! The fabric and features of the shirt are not effected by this print issue. All the issues are purely visual.
  • Why are the topo lines rubbing off? What changed? - As a small business thats only 2 years old, I trusted my manufacturer's recommendations. They suggested roller printing for these designs as the inside of the fabric is dyed and not white while still having a print on the face of the fabric. This roller print ink did not set like they assured me it would.
  • How are these topo shirts different from your other printed shirts? - These topo shirts this season are Roller Printed instead of Sublimation Printed. This was a new print method we tried on just Firewhirl and Green Topo this season.
  • What if I already purchased a Topo shirt at full price? - Everyone who purchased a Topo shirt at full price (before 01/31/24) will receive a replacement shirt in the quality you expect from Jolly Gear. These shirts will be printed in our traditional process (sublimation). These will be the same topo print and color but in the quality you expected. Anticipate these new shirts to arrive in the next few months.
  • I purchased a Topo shirt at full price, how do I claim my free replacement shirt? If you purchased a shirt at full price you are already enrolled to receive a replacement shirt. I have record of every customer that purchased a Topo shirt at full price and will automatically ship a replacement shirt to the address provided in the original order.
  • What if I've moved since my Topo order? How will I receive my replacement shirt? Please send me an email to with your new address and original order number.
  • If I am getting a replacement shirt, what do I do with the faded shirt? Keep it! Wear it out! OR give it to an adventure buddy to spread the joy! You can also wear the fading shirt on a thru hike and see how much of the print you can wear off before you finish. Then keep the replacement pristine for when you return home.
  • Will this happen again on future shirts? - No, I have learned my lesson and we will go back to our trusted method of printing designs on our shirts (sublimation).
  • Will you still offer exchanges and returns on these shirts? - Yes, I will still be offering free exchanges and returns for fit. Please email for returns and exchanges with your order number. There will be no refunds due to the print rubbing off for orders placed after 02/01/24.
  • Will the color of the shirt fade? - No, the base colors of the shirts will not fade. Only the printed topo lines are effected by this fading issue. If all the lines rub off, you will be left with either a solid red or green shirt.
  • How are your other shirts printed? - They are sublimation printed. You can check how your shirt was printed by looking inside the shirt. If the inside of the print is white, then it is sublimated and pattern will not rub off. If the inside is colored, then the fabric was dyed first and the print was rolled onto the face of the fabric.
  • Are there any other perks than a discount to order this shirt? Customers who buy a Topo shirt will receive a special edition Flaming Beard Jolly Gear sticker and the opportunity to participate in our "Earn Your Fade. Wear Your Journey." photo competition!
  • How many emails have you received about this issue? I have not received any complaints about the fading. I noticed it on my personal shirt and have been working to make this right and do right by the customer by replacing all full priced shirts purchased before I knew about the defect, 01/31/24.
  • What does the fading look like? Fading happens in areas of high friction such as under a backpack. Here are photos of the shirts after 250 miles on the Florida Trail:
    Fading Forest topo lines rubbing off after 250 miles on the Florida Trail.Fading Embers topo lines rubbing off after 250 miles on the Florida Trail.